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Me: I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
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Kyoto Animation’s subsidiary company, Animation Do, has released this awesome illustration on their main web page of Haru and Makoto beating the summer heat! And, boy. I can’t say thank you enough for it.






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so that’s where he ran off to


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What is up with Yamazaki Sousuke?


Yo, everybody! Time for an episode of “Guri Overanalyses TV-Shows!”
This week; What is up with Yamazaki Sousuke?


This loser right here.

There has been a lot of theories floating around, the three most common being;

-          He’s sick

-          He’s Injured

-          He’s just an ass

An injury is the most likely of the three, so let’s examine the evidence given in the first 7 episodes of Free! Eternal Suffering *cough* Summer.


Episode 1:

Sousuke isn’t really introduced until the very last part of the first episode, but his appearance raises a few questions, like why would he transfer schools at such a late time, and why he would transfer to Samazuka when he already was a student at a good swimming academy?

Episode 2:

Incidentally, these are all questions that Rin asks him in Episode 2, good job Rin! However, during their talk Sousuke is noticeably avoiding Rin’s questions.

 R: "Why would you trasfer schools at this time of year, though?
S: "You're one to talk. You're the one who transferred in the middle
of winter when we were in sixth grade!

Notice how he is dodging the question, distracting Rin with a question of his own? Furthermore, later on when he actually answers Rin’s question, it is noticeably vague.    

 R: "So what brings you to Samezuka? Didn't you already go to a school
in Tokyo with a strong team?"
S: "Well, I have my reasons."

He does eventually explain that he wants to enjoy his last year of high school, however, his body language and general attitude raises doubts that this is the entire story. Could it be that he has been injured in a way that forces him to cut down on swimming?

Watch his face when Rin assumes that he’s going to stop swimming, just before he’s telling him he got scouted;



Is this the face of a man who’s celebrating getting scouted?

His expression is played off as a joke, but what if it’s not? Several people have pointed out that though he’s saying that he got scouted, he never mentioned having accepted the offer? Maybe he can’t? What if the reason for his transfer, is an injury that is hindering him from swimming at an elite school? Maybe he lost a scholarship or something, not that I know how Japanese elite swimming schools work.

And maybe he can’t bring himself to quit completely, because he wants to swim with Rin one last time?

Okay, enough with the romantisation on to further evidence;

The rolling shoulder thing:

This is another action that has made fans speculate that he has, in fact, got a shoulder injury; the way he is always rolling his shoulder

First on the list; the Intro:

Sousuke is not featured a whole lot, but we see in one shot that he is rolling his right shoulder;


 In episode two, while training with Samezuka, he is seen doing the same stretch with his left shoulder.


In episode three, while being a dork with Rin, he seems to once again be rolling/cracking his left shoulder.


In episode seven, when Gou is introducing the Samezuka relay team, he is once again depicted holding his left shoulder.


In both poetry and prose, repetition of a word or phrase is done to secure emphasis on his particular word or phrase. This means that it is used to clarify that something is important.
The same goes for the visual medium; repetition of a certain action is done in order to make us aware of that action – it’s telling us something. As such, my hypothesis, as well as many others’ is that there is something going on with his shoulder, or possibly shoulders.  

Further evidence clearly suggests that he is in pain, especially while swimming all out. Most noticeably, in the relay against Iwatobi in episode seven. He reaches a point where he loses momentum, it’s highly likely that this is due to straining an already damaged shoulder.  It’s not possible to capture it in still images, but during this moment in the episode, where this image is shown paired with a loud, off-tune sound, one can certainly get the sense that he is in considerable pain.  image

Then, what ails him?

The number one theory? He’s got a bad case of Swimmers Shoulder.

In the simplest of terms, Swimmers Shoulder can refer to a range of different shoulder injuries that often occur with swimmers. Often, as a result of overtraining or bad technique. Most commonly the injury is rotator cuff tendinitis.

This is an injury that affects the tendons and muscles of the shoulder joint, and can lead to loss of mobility and strength in the affected arm.

Needless to say, for a Butterfly Swimmer like Sousuke, an injury like that would be disasterous.  

But is this what is plaguing him? Let’s examine more evidence.

Episode 4:

First, Nitori and Rin’s conversation.

N: "Yamazaki-Senpai's butterfly really is amazing"
R: "Yeah, but he's much faster when he's actually trying"

Here, we are made aware that Sousuke does not go all out at practice with the Samezuka team. Now, lazing off does not sound like something a nationally ranked swimmer would be doing, so, the most logical explanation would be that there is something keeping him from swimming to his full potential.

This is further hinted at with Sousuke’s comment about Nitori;


There is a subplot revolving around Rin and Sousuke’s different ways of thinking, Rin believing in hard work and teamwork, while Sousuke is all about potential and the individuality of the sport. However, the question still arises; is he really only talking about Nitori here? Maybe he is talking about himself as well? Does he have an injury that keeps him from swimming to his full potential?

One of the most common treatments of Swimmer’s Shoulder involves resting the shoulder in order to relieve the pain. In most cases, the athlete should stop or significantly decrease his or her swimming activities.

In addition to not “swimming seriously”, as shown in episode 4,in episode 6 we see that he doesn’t enter the butterfly race in the Prefecturals.  


It certainly looks like he’s decreasing his swimming activities.

Furthermore, in episode seven, he is seen doing an exercise that according to my research, are designed to strengthen the rotator cuff, that is to say, help treat swimmer’s shoulder. The exercise uses relatively light weights , and high repetitions .



It certainly looks like he is working to treat some injury, does it not?

His reaction when Rin tells him that they may end up in the same university further legitimates the claim, an injury that puts him out of swimming would explain his attitude.

However, one thing is clear, he just really wants to swim with Rin, doesn’t he?



So, I’m not definitely saying he’s injured, but he totally is you guys. Join the prayer circle.




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